What type of photographer am I?


After being a wedding photographer for nearly a decade (www.bom-photo.com), I am more confused about wedding photography industry than ever before.  So many categories!  Fine art wedding photography?  Fashion/editorial inspired wedding photos?  Wedding photojournalist?  At one point in my career, I tried to label myself into one of those categories, but I still don’t understand what any of those words really mean.


At the end of the day, I’m just a guy that loves weddings.  Both photographing them and going to one as a guest.  The joy, the laughter, the butterflies in stomach.  The tears.  The celebration.  Oh yes, the food.

Emotions.  Family.  Love.  Gratitude.


Since I started photographing weddings in 2008, two major events happened that changed my perspective on how I should approach photographing a wedding.  First, I got married myself in 2012.  Now, it isn’t easy to find that one person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, and after the party was over, we were overwhelmed with thankfulness not just toward each other but to each and everyone who came to celebrate our big day with us.  Fast forward five years, my wife and I welcomed our baby boy Rey into this world.  Memories fade as quickly as time passes, but I still remember the amazing gratitude my wife and I felt as we held Rey in our arms like it was yesterday.


And I believe the focal point of a good wedding photography is at the literal and creative portrayal of the emotions between the couple as well as their loved ones.   My sincere hope as a wedding photographer is that one day you and your loved ones will look at the images that I created and be reminded of the amazing gratitude you feel for each other.

Rey. Paul. Rey Paul.


By the way, Rey is my son’s name.  There’s no one named Rey Paul here.  Just Paul.

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