New York Botanical Garden Wedding

The highlight of Bonnie and Sam’s wedding day at the New York Botanical Garden was when they did a private vow with just each other before the ceremony began.  It was such an intimate moment that it was photographed from a distance using telephoto lens to give the couple some privacy.



Photographer’s tip :

Since New York Botanical Garden isn’t a private wedding venue, there will be people walking around the gardens.  Since NYBG closes at 6pm, it tends to get less crowded toward late afternoon, so it helps a lot to schedule the photos around then if possible.  Depending on the season, it also may be the perfect time for photos, because the sun gets lower and will produce more directional yet more flattering light.  Also, I recommend that you do photos with the entire bridal party first, then drive around the park with just your fiance.  With no one else around, Daffodil Hill becomes a magical place where you will find a few minutes much needed peace and quiet, which actually isn’t as easy to find as you may think on the day of your wedding.  Scroll down to the end of the post to read more.


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 Photographer’s tip for New York Botanical Garden Wedding :

Some gardens will be more photogenic than others depending on the season, so plan in advance to find out which gardens will have most flowers blooming on your big day.  There may be maintenance work being done at certain places, so it may help to visit the venue a few days before the big day or ask for guidance from the catering/planning team at the venue as well as your vendors if they have worked there before.



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Venue : New York Botanical Garden

Catering : Constellation Culinary

Florist :  Occasion 9