The Tides Estate Wedding Photos and Tips

The Grand Ballroom

The Tides Estate in North Haldon is one of the most popular banquet hall type wedding venues in New Jersey.  It went through a total renovation just a few years ago, and the new Grand Ballroom is probably the most spacious ballroom in the North Jersey with its 30-foot high ceiling and a winding staircase from which the newlywed bride and groom makes their grand entrance when the reception starts.  There’s just something about the sheer size of the ballroom that wows the guests.   In terms of functionality, the ballroom is vast enough to have a photo booth and a mini bar in the same space without becoming crowded or disruptive.   What we really love about this ballroom is that we can get a nice bird’s eye view from the top of the staircase that makes great photos during the first dance.


How its location affects the photos

Brides love this venue not only for its grandeur but also for its location.  The Tides Estate is located in a primarily residential neighborhood, so its grounds are kept in relative peace.   This is a HUGE advantage for brides who would like an outdoor ceremony in the garden, because there won’t be any noises and distractions from people who don’t belong at the wedding.   No cars passing by in the background.  No stranger taking random photos of the wedding.  The garden is designed to be distanced away from the parking lot, the entrance, AND the ballroom, so privacy and quietness during the ceremony is guaranteed.

We as photographers also love the garden for the photo ops it offers.  It has walls of trees that make a great clean background for group photos, and the soft amber lights from the strings on the trees are a nice touch and will create a nice bokeh effect for portraits.


Our tips for brides for getting best Tides Estate wedding photos :

If it fits into the timeline, take advantage of the golden hour to get photos during twilight.  It only lasts about thirty minutes from the sunset, but the sky gets dark yet colorful, and the lights on trees will look more intense in the photos.   There’s a pathway from the garden that leads directly to the convenient back entrance to the bridal suite.

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